Washington DC

On our second foray into D.C. we were accompanied by my cousin, Dan. We met him at his house and he cooked us a splendid breakfast! He works at the State Department and had a parking space downtown so this time we got a personal chauffeur. Coming back on a Tuesday was less crowded since, theoretically, people should be back at work although there were still tour buses full of people.

Our good friends, Rebecca and Jonathan, in Seattle had given the kids a National Park passport book that we have stamped when we visit a National Park, Forest or Monument. I think with this one trip we nearly filled an entire section! It’s a fun way to record all the national places we visit so hopefully the kids will be reminded of them when they get older.

First on our agenda was a tour of the State Department, one of the perks of having someone who actually works there.

Most of the monuments are located in what’s called the National Mall. Divagirl kept asking where the stores were. They are surrounded by a lovely park setting called the Constitution Gardens. Ranger stations, that I had never noticed before, are set up periodically throughout the area and they each have different passport stamps. For some monuments, like Lincoln and Jefferson, the stamps are inside the book shop or security office close to the monument. Our path for the day looked a little like this:

First up was the Vietnam Memorial.

Followed by the Lincoln Memorial.

Then we saw the Korean War Memorial.

The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial was next; a fairly new addition to the Mall.

And last was the Jefferson Memorial.

After a lot of walking on a very warm day, we headed back to Virginia and grabbed some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins. It was a perfect way to cool down and re-energize the kids. We then picked up my cousin’s guns and headed to the firing range!

Jason, Dan, Mr. T and Mr. S got to shoot an Uzi while Divagirl and I safely sat outside and watched through a little window.

Afterwards we went to Famous Dave’s BBQ, which happened to be down the road, and the boys had their first slab of ribs. That’s right, FIRST! It was delish.

Thanks Dan, for a fabulous day!



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