We Found a Toad

Now that we’re in a better position financially with Jason’s new job, we started seriously looking for a car we could tow four down behind Edelweiss. It was very convenient having the car with us the last 3 weeks and we realized the possibilities it opened up for us. I still love biking, but realistically I’m not going to bike to an ice rink 30 miles away. I’d have no energy left to skate! Biking is great for short distances but having a car means that Jason can go somewhere to find better internet if necessary, or that we could take a day trip without unhooking everything.

I had been scanning all Florida cities on Craigslist looking for something suitable, preferably something already set up to tow and something under $4k. (It would cost us well over $4k to modify our little peacock (Toyota Camry) to tow four down and at its age its just not worth it) I found ONE and it was in Tarpon Springs near Tampa. It was fully set up to tow, had been used as a toad for its entire life and it was well under $4k.


Its a 1998 Saturn SL2 in mint condition including the Blue Ox tow package. Its a unique color: factory Dark Plum Metallic, which looks like a cross between silver, brown and plum equaling a sort of taupe color. The DMV doesn’t even know how to name it and settled on “maroon”.

We went down to check it out on Sunday, left a deposit and returned on Monday to pick it up and pay the balance. Jason was even able to get the DMV taken care of in less than a half hour. I took the peacock and went skating. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to skate when I’m only 15 minutes away!

So now we have more freedom. We ordered a new hitch adapter that will allow up to mount the bike rack and the car tow bar simultaneously. We’ll pick up that tomorrow when we are in Ocala.

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