We Have A Bed!

The boys have been spending the night in Edelweiss all week. They love their bunks. Our new bed is constructed and the mattress is finally finished. The frame allows the base to slide from a 30″ deep sofa during the day to a 55″ bed at night. Grandpa reconfigured the old sofa area that had tons of wasted space underneath to include a large drawer to store our bedding during the day.

The natural latex mattresses are layered with organic wool batting then slip-covered with a Sunbrella linen fabric to make them durable and cleanable.

It just needs our bed pillows and some cute toss pillows and it will be just like home.

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Hey this is an amazing transformation!!I have so many questions for you and I hope you have time to answer them!:) First i might state that I’m going to be getting married soon( yay!) to an amazing young christian man!THe only thing that isnt so amazing is well our soon to be home( Camper:) )is a reck!its in desprite need of repairing everything! the bedroom was made for a two twin size bed. well with a rather not have to sleep in separate beds.I was wondering how did you make your 30″ deep sofa during the day to a 55″ bed at night. I honestly think that would be an amazing way to have a bed in that tiny room way in the back! also if you ever have time. Can you make a post on specific details during your remodle? How did you guys do it!:) How long did it take? I will want to do most of the work myself since my hubby works basically all day long.with the roof how did you guys seal it? did you use to have leaks in it? I think the remodling you guys have done is amazing!and im always looking for more ways to figure out how to make a tiny camper with tons of repairs better. Also what would you suggest for insulation? we live in north dakota so as you can see we would need something that would be able to keep us atleast simi warm in the winter. Thank you so much!

Hi Desiree! Thanks for commenting. You asked a lot of questions and I’m not sure I can address them all, but I’ll try. First, congratulations on your upcoming marriage.
The sofa is actually constructed in 2 levels, the top level slides out and is supported underneath with hinged doors that are closed in sofa mode. Then the top level has a tongue that slides into a groove in the bottom level. The 2 mattresses then separate and lie side by side. Now it is a standard full sized mattress. We’ll see about posting a detailed look at how it works.
The whole renovation took about a year, but it wasn’t worked on continually.
The roof has its own post you might want to check out here: We had no known leaks at the time.
Insulation is something that it is built with or it isn’t. Our style of motorhome makes it practically impossible to insulate therefore we are limited to the locations we can stay at. Some RVs are already equipped for 4 seasons, ours was not.
I am actually in the editing stages of a book I’m writing about remodeling RVs. I’ll put up a blog post when I’m finished.
Good luck :)

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