We Made It!

Happy Independence Day!

We made it to Florida :) It only took 6 hours and 4 gullywashers. No more major problems with the truck, although we will be complaining to Uhaul about the seatbelts. They would continually get tighter and lock when we’d go over bumps (and there were lots of bumps!). Then the seatbelt wouldn’t release so we’d get squeezed. Not the most comfortable situation when you are drinking lots of fluids. Sometimes it would release, mostly it would not. Very frustrating. Then, during the storms we sprung a leak right over my shoulder. Temporary inconvenience.

It is so hot and humid here–much more than any other place we stopped along the way. At least my parents have a/c.

Our dog was ecstatic to see us!

The car is unloaded from the tow dolly and we’re waiting until tomorrow to unload the truck. Now for some real food and rest!

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