Whale Hide and Seek

We took a day trip from Maine down to Rye, New Hampshire to go on a whale watch. My friend from High School, Jen Kennedy, is now a Marine Biologist (which is so cool!) and she leads the whale watch tours on the Atlantic Queen II.

The weather on land was looking quite ominous, but out on the ocean it was quite calm with blue skies. I’m usually the first to end up with motion sickness, followed quickly by Mr. T, so when Michelle Burrell suggested accupressure bracelets I figured I’d give it a try. Jason declined the bracelets but took two ginger capsules. Mr. T, Mr. S and I took two ginger capsules and wore the bracelets. Divagirl only wore the bracelets. The results were interesting. Divagirl and I were fine the entire trip! Mr. T still felt nauseated after about 2 hours, and Mr. S, who never gets car sick, ended up taking Dramamine halfway through because he felt a little ill. Jason claims he felt fine, but he was right there napping with the boys on the way back to shore.

The boat took us about 35 miles offshore to a location where whales had been spotted earlier in the day. It took nearly 2 hours. We got in position and Mr. T and I spotted a Minke whale surface and submerge again. And…that was it. Bummer. However Jen gave us so much information about the cetaceans that we learned a lot regardless of further whale sightings. She also gave everyone a “whale check” good for an entire year to come back for free for another chance at whale spotting.

I really enjoyed the trip and getting to see Jen again after so long!

Please check out what you can do to protect our oceans and beaches.

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