Yet Another Engine Problem

We left Jason’s sister’s house and got 40 miles away when we realized we forgot our hard drive. Oops. So we pulled off at a truck stop, unhitched the car and Jason drove back to retrieve it. Richie was nice enough to meet him. Unfortunately, it added another hour and a half to our already delayed trip.

We continued on towards central Oregon, excited to see his brother and his family. We drove past Mount Hood and saw some beautiful scenery through the passes. But mountain passes always set me on edge and today was no exception. I kept asking Jason how the temperature gauge was doing and it was running high, but still coming back down when we coasted…until it didn’t.

We heard a terrible screeching sound that sounded like a belt was dying so immediately he pulled over in the middle of the Willamette Forest. At dusk. On a rainy day. Awesome. Did I mention how cold it was? Brrr.

As he went to check it out, the radiator blew again. Finally, after trying all reasonable options we unhitched the car and woefully left Edelweiss on the side of the forest, alone, for the night. (I did put notes on a couple windows pleading not to be towed or ticketed and left my phone number in case of emergency. I’m still a protective parent) We were only 27 miles from our destination :(

While driving towards Sisters I was calling every motel I could Google. And they either couldn’t accommodate a family of 5 or they were sold out. Around 8:30p, we continued on to Bend and finally found a Quality Inn that had a room for the night. The desk clerk gave us a discount due to the situation we were in. Meanwhile I had been leaving messages with the RV Park about what had happened because we had already paid for our stay.

After getting checked in for the night, we headed to Shari’s for a late dinner around 9pm. It happened to be the only place still open on a Sunday night. It wasn’t ideal, but we were supposed to have been at the park by 4pm with plenty of time for dinner.

The next morning Jason called Good Sam for a mechanic and a tow. They sent a big orange beast to carry Edelweiss to safety. Jason got to ride in the tow truck – woohoo man stuff!

The mechanic was great and was able to get to it late that day, while we hung out with Erick and Monica and their boys. They were generous enough to let us stay the night and the following morning we picked up our home and pulled into the park in Sisters.

It turned out the problem was a seized clutch fan that was the source of our recent radiator troubles. Fortunately, replacing it solved our heating issues, which was a huge relief :)

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