Yorktown Battlefield

We made it to Virginia, our 8th state. We are staying at the Williamsburg Thousand Trails park which seems to be nice so far and the people are friendly.

The kids and I took a field trip today to Yorktown National Park to learn about the battle there during the Revolutionary War.

This week there have been some terrible storm systems passing through the nation. The tornado damage in Oklahoma and the midwest was just devastating. We only experienced rain from that. For us, the cloud cover was a blessing because it made the 80+ degree heat and humidity nearly tolerable while walking the battlefields. I cannot imagine what the conditions would have been like in 1781. Oh, and the bugs…!

Divagirl did the Junior Ranger booklet for Yorktown (which costs $1.00 at the gift shop) and got a patch this time. Most places have a pin on badge reminiscent of what the rangers wear. It was a very challenging and confusing booklet! Even I had great difficulty answering the questions. Let’s just say it was a group project.

The scenery in Virginia was just gorgeous! We even saw an area of the Wormley Creek that was home to dozens of turtles that were sunning themselves on the logs. Mr. S even saw some huge broad-headed skinks.

I supplemented the field trip with the Yorktown episode of Liberty’s Kids (It is in 2 parts on YouTube). It was very similar to the visitor center movie, but much more interesting for the kids.


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I have visited the Yorktown site with my children as well. We stayed as long as we could trying to figure out all the answers to the book. As our travel schedule finally forced us on, we figured that a good net search would help us find answers. We even called the Visitor’s Center for help, which did not happen. If you have any tips on answers for the 7-9 or 10-12 booklet, I would greatly appreciate it. It will be Junior Ranger Badge #30 for my kids. I think my fault was to let my kids work on it on their own too long before we started to help, without much luck I might add. They are able to all the booklets on their own, but not Yorktown! Thanks for reading.

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